Demonic personality quiz(girls only. With anime pics. Now with lengthy results on all!) WWW.QUIZILLA.COM Heres your result....... You are a dog demon You are playful and fun. You like to be center stage and up there, even if you arent very good at what you do. Everything is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so you enjoy it as if it were your last day. You are the friendliest type. Dog demons are gentle but rough at the same time. They have a lot of patience and can tolerate almost anything. You are playful and love to roll in the grass or run around outside. Even as a dog demon you dislike being chained up and you're out to explore the world. Dog demons are recognized by their pointed ears or hair that resembles long dog ears. They aren't picky about clothes, most often adorning a necklace or collar. They can have any hair or eye colors, making them unique to others. A dog demons battle style ranges depending on the demon. Some choose to randomly attack, while others will have a whole strategy. The main weapons of an inu-youkai are claws and swords. Their agility can be unmatched. Their claw attacks are exceptional for not only are they offensive, but defensive as they can block most attacks. There are a lot of dog demons on Inuyasha, the main two being Inuyasha and his half-brother Sesshoumaru. There is also Inu no Taisho, their father. Recently, in the manga in Japan, Sesshoumaru's dog demon mother has also been revealed. Miscellaneous information........ Color: Orange Eye color: Gold Hair color: White/platinum blond Stone: Sapphire Symbol: A paw print with a clan symbol inside Element: Poison Quote: The time to fight is now. The time to defend is forever. Anime picture: Sitting up in a tree with a bird on your hand. Job choice: You are patient, so working with children can be a great opportunity. Please rate and review. This is my first quiz and I hope you had fun taking this super long quiz!